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 How to apply

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How to apply Empty
PostSubject: How to apply   How to apply EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 2:49 pm

I need to know some things listed here before i can give you admin.

Your age, 16+ are more likely to become admin
Which server, Fusion's or xtré's
How often do you play on the server
Give me some reasons why you want to become an admin
Have you ever had admin before

After i have looked at your application,
I will send you a message if you have been accepted, if not your app will be ignored, but
you still stand a chance of getting admin any time in the future if admins are needed.
Normally it would take at least 2 days before xtré reply's.

You don't have to buy admin but if you do you will get admin for sure and you will help
a lot to keep the Statix servers up and running.

£3.00 and you will have admin for 1 month or more.

Donations are spent on the server, the more donations the more
spaces i can add on. Max spaces go up to 19.

If you abuse admin rights you will be banned depending how bad.
I hope everyone knows i dont just let anyone join.


If you have any questions reply to this topic or pm.
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How to apply
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