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PostSubject: Admin Apply (|PRO|lógíc|)   Admin Apply (|PRO|lógíc|) EmptyThu Jun 04, 2009 9:32 pm

Steam name: Wricked
About my self: Im 14 years old and I know really good english. Been admin before on some games, especially CS Smile

Why I want do become an admin: Seen SOOO many spawnkillers and hackers when no admin were online, and i couldnt do anything about it. But the worst thing is that it gets so freaking boring to play while spawnkillers and hackers are active Razz

How much do you play on the server: This is almost the only server i play on, since it kicks ass. Love it <3

What do you need to know: I have great experience in being an admin, and i know loads of commands.

I think its xtre's server Razz

Best regards |PRO|lógíc| Surprised

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Admin Apply (|PRO|lógíc|)
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