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 Qqmoreplease apply

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PostSubject: Qqmoreplease apply   Qqmoreplease apply EmptyThu May 14, 2009 10:11 pm

Hey mates! Wink

Iam 16 years old
After a long break on CSS i have decided to start again, atm i know that i haven't been playing on Statix for long, but i love the server, i think its one of the best servers i have played on so far! Smile

So i thoud i would go to the forums mainly to try make an apply for joining your clan, as im not in one atm Smile

Then i saw the thread about becoming an admin and i thoud, why not help the server getting better?

Thats primary why i'm applying here, because i want to make the best server better Smile

I play almost everyday in CSS now, tho i also play on other serv's ofc this is the one i spend most time on.

I will ofcourse not abuse these admin powers in any way.

I myself think i speak very good english, becuase i've been playing since i've been very little so i learned english at a little age and improved it from there.

I'm also going to make an apply to join the clan after this one! Smile

I hope you will consider and take me in as an admin <3 ;D

Edit: If i get to join your clan or become an admin i will change my name to my primary: Zeiken
and btw, my steam acc: Zeeroinax
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Qqmoreplease apply
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